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There was a time when educated intellectuals entered politics in order to serve the people rather than be served. Those elected representatives strived hard for the betterment of the people – make sure that the fellow citizen’s voice is heard within the legislative. Today politics has become an unpleasant sphere full of corruption and violence. Today Karu Jayasuriya emerges as a ray of hope amidst the politics of terror and corruption. He represents a political culture where politicians will commit towards the betterment of people genuinely.


My vision is of a strong and united nation where the economy flourishes, governance is marked by transparency and accountability, leading to a harmonious and tolerant society where there is space for every citizen to improve their life chances and lead more meaningful lives.


My mission is to unite the people and march towards a political future that goes beyond and is above party loyalties and a nation marked by greater opportunities and prosperity for all communities and all individuals, where the rule of law is supreme and the political culture fosters debate, respect and tolerance

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